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Martin Polanco shows readers the main rationales behind poor mental health

Martin Polanco

There are hundreds and thousands of distractions surrounding people. Your kids are screaming near you, your manager hounding you for not submitting a report on time, and many such things. These things add to the stress and anxiety level of Martin Polanco. Stress these days has become a regular part of human life. However, it may take a severe form if kept unnoticed. Sometimes stress may motivate you to get a promotion in your workplace or running the last bit in the marathon.

However, handling stress for a long time may have severe implications on family life, job, and health. Research reveals that around half of the world’s population experiences emotional and physical symptoms of stress. With the increase of anxiety cases, there has been an increase in dealing with the same. People are trying to understand the causes of anxiety and depression and taking steps to rectify the same Martin Polanco.

Martin Polanco helps readers with the indicators of stress

Different triggers lead to this situation. First and foremost, you must become conscious of the causes of stress. Work stress, family life stress, and love life stress are some of the reasons. Experiencing stress has a detrimental impact on physical health as well. For example, when you are unhappy with your job, finding it difficult to deal with your workload, working for long hours naturally leads to work stress.

On the contrary, there are some life stressors. It includes divorce, loss of job, moving to a new location, injury or chronic illnesses, and death of beloved individuals. These stressors are not always a result of outside force. They can be internal at the same time. Your continuous worrying about multiple things can take a severe form in the future.

Uncertainty and fear are the profound causes of stress. Moreover, your perception and attitude towards life have a lot to do with your mental health. For example, the way you feel about others and anticipate them implies your cognitive functioning. By keeping unrealistic expectations, you will only harm yourself and your near and dear ones.

The way stress affects your health

Everybody is aware of the effects of stress. However, the specific development may go unnoticed. The stressful situation affects physical response and has an impact on the nervous system. By releasing deficient hormones, it reduces your cognitive functioning. As a result, your response to stimuli may get altered, says Martin Polanco; hence, if you experience fast breathing, a speedy heartbeat, and tense muscles, seek help and relax. Apart from this, fatigue, headache, difficulty sleeping, and upset stomach are other effects.

The best way of coping with the life issues

Managing stress levels requires support. The best way of dealing with stress and anxiety is to speak about the problem to near and dear ones. Speak to someone you can trust and open up about your issue. If you believe that you need counseling and medical treatment, you can also reach out to psychologists and counselors.

They provide one-to-one counseling sessions and various therapies to reduce your stress level and get you back on track.

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