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Martin Polanco explains how to tackle stress for stable mental health

Martin Polanco

The current stressful times have overwhelmed every individual. Balancing different aspects of life, including work, various commitments, and family, can make you busy and put too much pressure. However, setting aside time to relax and unwind to better your physical and mental health is essential Martin Polanco.

Learning stress management requires practice, but it is essential to do it. Below are a few ways that can make unwinding easy.

Martin Polanco recommends, physical recreation for better mental health

Implementing a regular workout in your daily schedule is among the best strategies for a relaxed mind and body. Additionally, physical activity acts as mood boosters. But for it to work, you need to work out more often.

You can do moderately intense workouts lasting up to a little more than 2 hour. Another option is doing vigorous physical activities for more than an hour for a healthy body and mind is mandatory. Moderate exercises may include brisk walking, and for high activity workouts, you can consist of swimming or other kinds of sports.

Martin Polanco says it is important to set fitness goals that are easier to meet. Otherwise, you might likely give up. Apart from all, remember that implementing some physical activity is better than not implementing any.

Muscle relaxation

Due to stress, muscles often get tensed up. You can execute a few methods to help loosen muscles and unwind your body through:

• Regular stretches

• Body massage

• Enjoying a hot body bath

Getting the required amount of sleep is also vital. 

Inhale and exhale

Pausing everything else and focusing on your breathing can also help in taking the stress off you. Deep breathing is an effective way to rejuvenate your body through simple, effortless means. It is surprising how better and effective deep breathing is. You can inhale and exhale to unwind in the following ways:

• Either lie down or sit comfortably, make sure your hands are on your lap, with your legs on the ground.

• Keep your eyes closed

Remove all negative thoughts and imagine serenity around yourself

• Gradually inhale and exhale

Repeat this for less than 10 minutes. 

Maintain a healthy diet

It is essential to have a healthy diet. A well-balanced and regular diet will affect you overall positively. It may as well aid in controlling mood swings. Your daily diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein for more energy. Further, skipping meals can negatively affect your well-being. Avoiding healthy meals impacts your mood and adds to excess stress.


Modern life keeps an individual extremely busy and constantly under pressure. Sometimes, you need to decelerate and relax for a bit. Look for small ways to unwind and chill. For instance:

• Keep your clock a few minutes ahead of time. Through this, you can reach places a bit early and evade being late or its stress.

• While driving on the freeway, go on the slow lane; this will help in avoiding road rage.

Break big jobs into small jobs for best results.

Earn a break       

Downtime is highly essential, and with a hectic life, you know you have earned it. In addition, it will help give you time off work stress.

Stress can affect your health disastrously. Therefore, it is essential to focus on your trigger, identify and find a solution.  However, if your intensity gets unmanageable, maybe it is time to consult a therapist.

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