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Healthy ways of easing out mental health issues as propounded by Martin Polanco

Martin Polanco

Success and failure are like the two sides of the same coin. When you are in a professional arena, you cannot expect everything to go well each day. You might have your bad days sometimes. Hence, dealing with the painful emotion becomes part and parcel of the game. On the other hand, avoiding emotion will not lead you anywhere. You must accept that you are enduring a bad feeling and then take practical steps, Martin Polanco.

When you are feeling a sense of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, or helplessness, it’s time that you pay attention to your mental health. You have to make possible efforts to keep yourself on track. Knowing the best ways of dealing with failure and that too in a healthy manner takes time. However, with consistency and arduous struggle, you can bounce back.

Martin Polanco asks readers to embrace their emotions

When you experience failure, other emotions follow. Anxiety, sadness, shame, anger, and embarrassment are some of them. These feelings will make you feel uncomfortable, and you may feel like escaping from them. The emotional discomfort you endure may have a detrimental impact on your mental health. Psychologists believe that the first step towards getting proper mental health is embracing my emotions. You have to acknowledge that you are feeling bad. Labeling the emotions becomes vital to allow yourself to take the necessary steps for its rectification.

Practice coping skills

When you feel bad, you may try out anything you see in front of you. The first thing is distracting yourself by way of drugs, alcohol, and junk food. However, it is not the correct way. It will only provide you with temporary relief. You have to recognize these unhealthy means and try to avoid them to get back to your typical life. It would help if you chose your coping mechanism, which does minimum harm and gets you your goodwill.

By practicing healthy coping skills, you will be able to deal with the problem. For example, you may call your friend, practice deep breathing, take a bubble bath, and the like. You may also go for a walk or play your favorite musical instrument. These are some of the healthy ways of dealing with the issue.

Develop realistic thoughts and a positive perspective

Survey reports reveal that real thought has an optimistic implication on mental health. It has become a decisive factor for individuals who are trying to deal with their emotional distress. Martin Polanco states that developing realistic thought will help you reframe your mind. The more positive you remain, the better it is for you. Remind yourself of happy moments and success. It will help you to handle your failure and learn the best ways of dealing with the challenges.

You may also read novels of world leaders and learn about their struggles. It will give you a better outlook to work hard. In addition, research reveals that famous figures motivate others. So when you read about success stories, it impacts you positively.

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